Attending an International Book Fair: Catalogue Options

Once you have selected the appropriate titles, there are numerous catalogue options to consider that will help promote and market your books ahead of the fair. Your choice will likely depend on multiple factors: time and resources, budgets, your international network, and the degree of exposure you are looking for. Catherine Mitchell provides a few suggestions for catalogues you might consider to promote your titles before, during, and after the fair.

  • Rights Canada is open to both English- and French-language publishers and promotes Canadian titles available for international publishing, translation, and licensing. It promotes general trade titles across fiction, non-fiction, children’s, and YA categories. Livres Canada Books distributes the catalogue to hundreds of publishers, agents, and distributors around the world, and a digital version is available to send to your contacts.
  • The Canadian Studies Collection is another collective publication, featuring the best academic and scholarly books on or about Canada with a focus on titles of interest to the international com- munity of academics, librarians, and Canadianists. Livres Canada Books distributes copies of the Collection to association meetings, events, and conferences around the world and the Collection is further distributed on the Canada Stand at the London and Frankfurt book fairs.
  • Francophone publishers might want to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in the bilingual collective publication produced by Québec Édition for distribution at the Paris, Geneva, Brussels, and Montreuil book fairs, in addition to Frankfurt and Bologna.
  • Publishers in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have recently seen substantial increases in support for export sales through their respective culture departments and may find a collective publication that best serves their promotional purposes.
  • If the collective publications highlighted above don’t quite meet the needs of your list, you may choose to create your own catalogue for the fair. Should you decide to create your rights catalogue, be aware of the cost and time required to make it effective, and know the extent of your optimal print run. Keep fair shipment deadlines in mind to ensure the material will be ready.

Want to learn more? This excerpt was drawn from our market guide Attending an International Book Fair: A Guide for First-Time Participants. Download the full report for more valuable insights on choosing or building your own catalogue!

09/28/2017 | Book Fairs, Events, Market Guides, Rights