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The Markets FBM 2017 Business Club Conference (Part 2)

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

For those of you who missed the 2017 The Markets conference hosted by The Frankfurt Book Fair and Publishing Perspectives, we have recently been covering some of the sessions we attended while there. Today, we’re back with insights on some emerging publishing trends in France, this year’s guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

12/22/2017 | Book Fairs, Distribution, Events, Export, Rights

The Korean Book Market: Opportunities and Recommendations

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

There is a substantial market for imported and translated Canadian books in Korea. Canadian publishers must decide on the appropriate strategy for approaching this market, whether it is to export their books to Korea or license them for publication. The translated market is approximately twice the size of the import market (21 percent versus 9.5 percent, respectively), but with greater potential, there are greater obstacles. In today’s post, we provide a final excerpt from our guide on Selling Canadian Books in Korea: A Guide for Canadian Publishers, in which experts Tony Michell and Darwin Shim outline some specific opportunities and recommendations for making inroads into this market.

11/23/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides, Programs

Potential Sales and Distribution Channels for Imported Books in Korea

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Recently, we have been exploring the Korean book market through excerpts of our Selling Canadian Books in Korea market guide. In today’s post, expert authors Tony Michell and Darwin Shim outline this market’s potential sales and distribution channels for imported books.

11/09/2017 | Book Fairs, Digital, Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Tips on Formats, Pricing, and Preferred Reading Devices in the Korean Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Are you a Canadian publisher looking for information on new export markets? Today we continue our series of blog posts on the Korean book market. Excerpted from our market guide Selling Canadian Books in Korea: A Guide for Canadian Publishers by Tony Michell and Darwin Shim, today’s post shares some guidance on formats, pricing, and preferred reading devices in the Korean book market.

11/02/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Ebook Distribution and Print-on-Demand in the Mexican Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Mexico is a growing export market for Canadian publishers, but the local ebook market hasn’t yet reached the maturity of its Canadian and American neighbours. To weigh-in with advice on ebook distribution and print-on-demand in Mexico, here are some thoughts from our report Selling Canada Books in Mexico.

03/07/2017 | Digital, Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Choosing a Mexican Distributor: A Step-by-Step Guide

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Finding a good distributor can be a life saver when it comes to establishing a presence in export markets. Here is some advice from publishing experts Javier Celaya and René López-Villamar on choosing the right Mexican distributor from Selling Canadian Books in Mexico. To establish a relationship with a Mexican distribution company, a publisher should begin by visiting Mexico City to set up meetings in person. If this is not possible, a face-to-face meeting at one of the international book fairs is a good alternative.

02/13/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides

What You Can Do to Improve Your UK Sales

By: Claire Farley

Recently we’ve been focusing on sales and distribution in the UK. In previous posts we introduced sales and distribution in the UK, talked generally about how to choose and distributor and sales agent, gave some specific tips on choosing a distributor and sales agent and went over product information and subject classification. Today, we’ve got a few tips from publishing expert Peter Kilborn on how you can improve your UK sales.

07/23/2015 | Distribution

Communicating Product Information in the UK Book Market

By: Claire Farley

The book trade in the UK has at last been persuaded of the need for complete, consistent and accurate product information; and that is as important for your dealings with your distributor and sales agency as it is for keeping booksellers up to date with your titles. It is, however, not possible to be prescriptive about how you keep information about your titles current with your business partners as practice will vary from company to company and according to the status of individual titles.

07/15/2015 | Distribution

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