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Choosing a UK Distributor

By: Claire Farley

Over the past few posts we’ve been talking about the UK market. Are you looking to increase sales in the UK? Have you had good experiences with your current distributor? Looking to connect with a UK distributor for the first time? Our UK market expert discusses distribution and sales in the UK market in our market guide on the topic and below we’ve highlighted some information on choosing a UK distributor.

06/30/2015 | Distribution

How to Choose a Distributor or Sales Agent for the UK Market

By: Claire Farley

Are you working to increase sales in the UK? Last post we provided a brief overview on the sales and distribution environment in the UK and today we’re going in to a bit more detail with some advice on how to choose a distributor or sales agent in the UK market.

06/23/2015 | Distribution

Distribution and Sales in the UK

By: Claire Farley

Our the next few posts we’ll be talking about the UK book market. Today we’ve provided an overview on sales and distribution in the UK and in our next post we’ll get into the details of choosing a distributor and sales agent in the UK. If you are interested in learning more about the UK market take a look at the resources we have available on our site. This information comes from our market guide on Distribution and Sales in the UK.

06/15/2015 | Distribution

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