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Attending an International Book Fair: Catalogue Options

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Once you have selected the appropriate titles, there are numerous catalogue options to consider that will help promote and market your books ahead of the fair. Your choice will likely depend on multiple factors: time and resources, budgets, your international network, and the degree of exposure you are looking for. Catherine Mitchell provides a few suggestions for catalogues you might consider to promote your titles before, during, and after the fair.

09/28/2017 | Book Fairs, Events, Market Guides, Rights

Attending an International Book Fair: Selecting Your Titles

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Before attending any book fair, it is important to have a solid list of titles on which you will focus your sales efforts. Knowing which books will sell is the never-ending question across every branch of publishing. Catherine Mitchell shares some best practices for building your list of titles to pitch at international book fairs.

09/28/2017 | Book Fairs, Events, Market Guides, Rights

An Introduction to Attending Your First International Book Fair

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Whether you are a seasoned publisher or just starting out with the idea of expanding your market outside of Canada, the international markets can be tantalizing and a bit overwhelming. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some excerpts from our market guide Attending an International Book Fair: A Guide for First-Time Participants by industry expert and rights agent, Catherine Mitchell. This week, we review Mitchell’s insights on the value of attending international book fairs, as well as some tips on how to choose the right fair.

09/15/2017 | Book Fairs, Export, Market Guides

How Canadian Publishers Can Reach Mexican Readers

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Although it’s always a good idea to visit new markets in-person when you’re thinking of exporting books or selling rights, it’s not always feasible. There are ways of reaching Mexican readers through marketing efforts which can be carried out without a physical presence in the market. To wrap-up our blog series on the Mexican book market, here are some ideas shared from our market guide Selling Canadian Books in Mexico.

04/04/2017 | Export, Market Guides, Marketing

General Licence Terms for Mexican Rights Sales

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Negotiating translation rights contracts in a new territory can present challenges. Publishers will have their own customs and terms which may be different from other territories. Javier Celaya and René López-Villamar are two publishing experts who we asked to provide some advice on general license terms in the Mexican book market.

03/29/2017 | Export, Market Guides, Rights

Ebook Distribution and Print-on-Demand in the Mexican Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Mexico is a growing export market for Canadian publishers, but the local ebook market hasn’t yet reached the maturity of its Canadian and American neighbours. To weigh-in with advice on ebook distribution and print-on-demand in Mexico, here are some thoughts from our report Selling Canada Books in Mexico.

03/07/2017 | Digital, Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Choosing a Mexican Distributor: A Step-by-Step Guide

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Finding a good distributor can be a life saver when it comes to establishing a presence in export markets. Here is some advice from publishing experts Javier Celaya and René López-Villamar on choosing the right Mexican distributor from Selling Canadian Books in Mexico. To establish a relationship with a Mexican distribution company, a publisher should begin by visiting Mexico City to set up meetings in person. If this is not possible, a face-to-face meeting at one of the international book fairs is a good alternative.

02/13/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides

The Role of E-Readers, Tablets, and Smartphones in Mexico

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Digital technologies are far-reaching, but each country has their own pace and preferences when it comes to adopting new methods of reading and consuming content. Mexico is no exception, and today we’re taking a closer look at the role of new technologies when it comes to books in this market. The prevalence and popularity of e-readers in Mexico is extremely low. Sony began marketing its first models in 2009, but they were quickly withdrawn from the market because of a low consumer acceptance rate.

02/08/2017 | Digital, Export, Market Guides

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